Expert Miami Restoration - Water Leaks Detection


Water- the life source of Earth - is getting scarcer by the day and more burdensome on the pockets. Add to that, evasive leaks can result in unnecessary wastage of this increasingly expensive resource. Unlike major plumbing catastrophes, leaks are more discreet and by the time they’re uncovered, the damage would already be done. Thankfully, you have our world-class water leak detection services by your side. With an experience of over 20 years backing us up and cutting-edge infrastructure, we detect leaks faster than anyone in Miami, FL area can. Call us on 786-314-7307 to get apt solutions delivered on time!

Why water leak detection?

A leaky roof, a burst pipe, or hidden damage to your property’s pipe work – doesn’t sound like a serious threat, does it? If left undetected, the issue could aggravate and may cause gradual destruction to your property and will eventually incur expensive repairs and demand structural restoration. To alleviate such issues, on-time detection of leaks can curtail the damage to a bare minimum.

Also, damage arising out of poor maintenance will eliminate insurance policy coverage, leaving you with hefty bills at the end of the day. Detection is the key to identifying potential issues early-on and snipping its growth before it blows out of proportions. Consider this: a leak in your air conditioner’s drain pipe goes unnoticed, and water accumulates onto the floor underneath for several weeks. The extensive damage to the flooring might invite heavy costs that could have been sidestepped with early leak detection.

With Expert Miami Restoration’s super fast response, you won’t have to wait for days or weeks to find a solution. We’re with you, at every step of the way, identifying leaks and stopping it, thus dramatically eliminating or reducing the damage done.

Tell-tale signs of water leakage:

  • Expert Miami Restoration Miami, FL 786-314-7307Your water bills have hit a record high
  • There’s an unusual odor sweeping your premises
  • You notice discoloration in the ceiling or walls
  • The flow indicator depicts continuous usage even when there’s none
  • Peeling or bubbled wallpaper
  • Signs of corrosion on metallic parts
  • Damp spots on the carpet, floor, ceiling etc.
  • You hear water running even without any faucet on

Detection the right way: Non-invasive methods

Call any other technician in Miami, FL area, and you’ll find them jackhammer up the floor to inspect the internal piping and detect leaks. But that’s not how we work. Also, most plumbers end up prompting home and commercial business owners to re-pipe the entire property – an avoidable expense. But not us! Re-piping is not the solution, we believe detection is! You’ll neither find us digging trenches in your yard nor destroying your drywall for leak detection, rather we work together to find a solution that’s both feasible and reasonable.

At Expert Miami Restoration, we combine our enriched experience with state-of-the-art and revolutionary technology to detect water leaks in the least invasive method. Using technology such as acoustic sensors, thermal imaging cameras, snake cameras, moisture detection equipment, our experts are able to accurately detect the leak, instead of adopting the ‘destroy and search’ strategy.

Suspect something’s not right? Confirm your suspicions by calling our water leak detection experts on 786-314-7307 now!