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If there’s one word that the world uses when it comes to Miami-Dade, then it is: ‘Breathtaking’. Right from the beautiful greenery, to the tall skyscrapers that glisten as the sun shines bright and clear, its scenic beauty is astounding. Apart from what it has to offer to the onlookers, the diversity of this county is something that never fails to impress the rest of the world. Known for its beaches, beauty and rich history, Miami-Dade is one county that will continue to be a pride of the country. Although things have always been looking up, disasters such as Hurricane Wilma, Katrina, Irma and the likes of it have time and again threatened to overturn the bustling economy!

Impediments to progress:

No region goes through a massive spurt of growth without going through an awakening disaster. Miami-Dade is one such place. It’s not just about natural disasters; rather there have been major events such as the Great Depression that proved to be a stumbling block for the county. Disasters such as Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Irma, although happening decades apart, their ramifications were certainly similar. Without the existence of reliable restoration companies such as Expert Miami Restoration rebuilding the county to its former glory and bringing lives back to normalcy would’ve been impossible.

Where and how have we served?

We have been providing our services diligently for decades. Numerous clients have extended their praises to us, and counted on us to respond to any form of catastrophe, whether it is flooding, or major pipe failures.

We were majorly involved recently when the following events took place:

  • Hurricane Wilma: Wilma is a hurricane that can’t be easily forgotten. It was 2005 when the storm decided to lash out. It tore apart roofs, toppled trees, and flooded properties. Lives went off-track and normalcy was nowhere to be seen for a while. While many businesses rushed to save their revenue, we remained open, because we truly cared. All that the residents had to do was call us on 786-314-7307, and we were out there extracting water, drying out properties, clearing debris and providing our effective damage restoration services.

  • Brush fire: The dry conditions and high winds of Miami-Dade led to the beginning of a small fire in May 2017. The tiny fire blew up in scale very quickly, and huge smoke could be seen from miles away. Properties nearby had to be evacuated, and businesses had to be shut down. The event was horrific. While the authorities limited the spread of the fire, it was Expert Miami Restoration that worked to remove the soot and smoke that percolated into the affected properties.

The all-round solution provider:

We aren’t just a flood damage restoration company; rather we provide a range of services. Regardless of the issue you’re facing, you can count on us.

You can turn to us for the following:

  • Expert Miami Restoration Miami, FL 786-314-7307Damage restoration
  • Remodeling and construction
  • Custom designed renovations
  • Carpets, furniture renovation
  • Clean-up and removal of mold formation
  • Drying of property
  • Decontamination and sanitization
  • Standing water extraction
  • Smoke and soot removal
  • Affected/destroyed materials discarding

We provide services in the following locales:

Miami, FL, Coral Gables, FL, Hialeah, FL, Homestead, FL, Key Biscayne, FL, Miami Beach, FL, Miami Gardens, FL, North Miami Beach, FL

Call Expert Miami Restoration on 786-314-7307! We’re available at Miami-Dade County, 24/7, all year round!