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Time is ticking; and when it comes to water damage or a fire outbreak at your property, only swift and immediate remediation can nip the issues in the bud and prevent the damage from worsening. With every passing hour, water damage eats into your property’s flooring and furnishings, deteriorates the condition of your prized possessions, sets stage for mold formation, and leads to health hazards. The same is true for damage brought about by fires wherein smoke seeps in deep into wood, soot settles over possessions, gives way to undesirable and toxic odors and results in devastating losses. For all your problems, you have but one solution – Expert Miami Restoration.

We provide a comprehensive range of services in Miami, FL area aimed at mitigating the damage brought about by water or fire, and restoring structural damage, removing moisture, smoke and other elements through advanced techniques. All it takes is one phone call to 786-314-7307 to set everything back in order.

Our 24/7 service umbrella covers the following sectors:


Be it a small threat like a leaky faucet or dampened walls to a major disaster such as a storm or fire breakout, no homeowner wants to experience potential destruction to things that matter to them. However, when such issues crop up, know that the leading water damage and restoration service – Expert Miami Restoration - is right by your side. From complete moisture removal to eliminating mold and foul-smelling odors, we can piece back your property step-by-step and make you feel at home again.


Expert Miami Restoration Miami, FL 786-314-7307A natural disaster or a fire hazard can set your business back in terms of revenue and result in lost customers. Don’t let such damages seize control of your business empire and wreck everything you’ve built. Our commercial restoration services are designed to be fast and can undo the damage done with minimal business interruptions. From something as simple as fixing your building’s plumbing to full-scale restoration of your structure and furnishings, our superior work processes enable us to work by your side, helping your business get back to normalcy in no time.

Be it a contingency following a disaster or a regular clean-up or restoration, count on us to serve you with any service you need in Miami, FL area, right when you want it. Call 786-314-7307!

Water Leaks Detection

Water- the life source of Earth - is getting scarcer by the day and more burdensome on the pockets. Add to that, evasive leaks can result in unnecessary wastage of this increasingly expensive resource. Unlike major plumbing catastrophes, leaks are more discreet and by the time they’re uncovered, the damage would already be done. Thankfully, you have our world-class water leak detection services by your side. With an experience of over 20 years backing us up and cutting-edge infrastructure, we detect leaks faster than anyone in Miami, FL area can. Call us on 786-314-7307 to get apt solutions delivered on time! Click to read more...

Flood Damage Restoration

The last thing you’d want as a property owner is for your place to be flooded and be converted into an unwilling swimming pool. No one wants it, yet it does happen, often due to forces beyond our control. Storms, heavy rains and natural disasters are events that can be traumatic as they are, but the trauma is only amplified by the level of havoc they wreak on your property. Damage to furnishings, valuable assets and property structure are a given, and without timely intervention it rapidly leads to further deterioration. Don’t need that? Then you need us! Expert Miami Restoration is an expert at flood damage restoration and can set things right in no time. Click to read more...

Mold Remediation

If your property has recently suffered water damage in the form of a plumbing failure, a flood or roof leaks and has not been dried completely, expect an unexpected and undesirable guest to show up. Where there’s moisture, there’s mold – a type of fungus that can grow indoors on damp or wet surfaces. Left unchecked, mold growth can proliferate dangerously within 48 – 72 hours, posing serious health hazards, negatively impacting air quality and prove damaging to your property’s physical structure. Click to read more...

Water Damage Restoration

Did you just experience an event that caused water damage and are wondering what to do next? Plumbing leaks, broken pipes, heavy rain, sewage backup, leaking roofs and natural disasters can cause unexpected destruction to your property. Water damage is progressive, pervasive and can eventually cause permanent damage to your valuable possessions, if immediate remediation is not provided within the first 48 hours. Click to read more...

Fire Damage Restoration

Cooking equipment, candles, electrical appliances, matches – they all have one thing in common; they can start fires. A fire breakout can cripple your lives, traumatize your senses and destroy your prized possessions. The road to recovery might seem both physically and mentally challenging, but we’re here to make things easy on you. Once the alarms sound and fire departments spring into action, the fire may clear up, but the devastation it leaves behind still remains. That’s where Expert Miami Restoration comes in – mitigating damage on salvageable property and preserving what matters the most to you. Click to read more...

Reconstruction and Remodeling

Time is your property’s biggest enemy. No matter how well-built your home or office is; time can turn anything to dust. Apart from the deterioration experienced over the years, hurricanes, fires, storms, flooding and other factors can also inflict extensive damage on your property, ruining its curb appeal and transforming it for the worse. However, you don’t have to leave it that way, not with Expert Miami Restoration by your side. While your might think that getting your house back in shape is a lengthy, expensive and trying process; when you call us on 786-314-7307, we make it easier than you think and leave your property better than ever. Click to read more...