Expert Miami Restoration - Flood Damage Restoration


The last thing you’d want as a property owner is for your place to be flooded and be converted into an unwilling swimming pool. No one wants it, yet it does happen, often due to forces beyond our control. Storms, heavy rains and natural disasters are events that can be traumatic as they are, but the trauma is only amplified by the level of havoc they wreak on your property. Damage to furnishings, valuable assets and property structure are a given, and without timely intervention it rapidly leads to further deterioration. Don’t need that? Then you need us! Expert Miami Restoration is an expert at flood damage restoration and can set things right in no time.

Having worked in the Miami, FL region for years now, we’ve helped scores of residential and commercial properties recover from flooding. Whether it’s caused due to heavy rain, or clogged drains or burst pipes, we’ll always reach you on time to curb the flooding before it causes extensive damage and restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Flooding: How and why?

Besides the obvious cause being the destruction wrought by nature, there are a few other factors that can result in your property being flooded, such as:

  • Expert Miami Restoration Miami, FL 786-314-7307Burst pipes and extensive leakage in the pipelines
  • Overflowing bathtubs, dishwasher, or washing machine
  • Clogged drains
  • Structural abnormalities
  • Lack of weather proofing
  • Sewage or blocked septic tank lines

No matter the cause, we at Expert Miami Restoration, have the solution to your flooding problems

How we work?

Step 1: Damage assessment:

Once you call us in by dialing 786-314-7307; our flood damage experts will immediately arrive on-site and carry out a quick survey to determine the extent of damage.

Step 2: Formulating solutions:

Based on the observations, we’ll come up with a remediation plan to effectively restore things back to normalcy.

Step 3: Implementation

Education, experience, equipment – our experts have it all! Our highly evolved techniques of flood damage mitigation will eliminate the stagnant water, fix the source of the flooding, and dry up the property thoroughly.

Step 4: Restoration

Any damage incurred, such as mold formation, damaged furniture, walls, flooring, will be subject to restoration by our technicians, who’ll work relentlessly to ensure that every last possession of yours is put back in its place in its pre-loss condition.

Step 5:  Insurance

If your residential or commercial property has an insurance coverage, we’ll work seamlessly with your company to help recover the claims.

Step 6: Prevention

‘Prevention is better than cure’, clichéd yes, but the truth behind the statement can never be refuted. Once we’ve alleviated the flood damage, we’ll set up remedial steps to prevent or reduce the damage done in case of a recurrence.

We’ll be there for you, 24/7

You might wake up only to find your property flooded. Sometimes, it’s expected, sometimes it’s not. You might be unprepared but we are not. Available 24/7 in Miami, FL area, even during contingencies, trust us to be there by your side, when flooding threatens to bring your property down.

Need our help? Give us a call on 786-314-7307 now!