Expert Miami Restoration - Water Damage Restoration


Did you just experience an event that caused water damage and are wondering what to do next? Plumbing leaks, broken pipes, heavy rain, sewage backup, leaking roofs and natural disasters can cause unexpected destruction to your property. Water damage is progressive, pervasive and can eventually cause permanent damage to your valuable possessions, if immediate remediation is not provided within the first 48 hours.

At Expert Miami Restoration, we’ve seen it all, have worked in all kinds of scenarios and are skilled at advanced restoration techniques that can reclaim your business premise or home’s liveable, pre-damage state.

We act fast, not last

While damage mitigation can be something as simple as removing the water and drying the affected areas, sometimes it might necessitate rebuilding the entire property – it’s the timing that makes the difference.

A few inches of water might seem harmless, however, it can create the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive, and can lead to allergic reactions and disease. That’s not all, prolonged exposure might lead to mold growth and cause extensive damage to furnishings, walls, flooring, and other valuable objects. If you want to cut back on the water damage done and put your life quickly back on track, immediate remedial measures need to be deployed.

Highly trained and compliant with the highest standards in the industry, the professionals at Expert Miami Restoration work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and respond immediately when you call us on 786-314-7307 to rein in the damage done, restoring your property back to it its original state. Unlike any other water damage company in the Miami, FL area, we put YOU first. Be it a flood, heavy rain or a plumbing malfunction, no matter the cause, the solution is merely 30 minutes away.

Quick, thorough and complete drying

Siphoning off the water and heat-drying might dry up the surface, but what about the moisture that seeps deep within the layers and continues to contribute to deterioration? At Expert Miami Restoration, we don’t believe in the ‘touch test’ as an accurate indicator for effective drying, rather we use state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced techniques for drying, dehumidification, deodorizing, decontamination and moisture removal that can restore your life in the shortest possible time frame,  effectively minimizing the water damage done.

Restoration, rebuilding, reviving

Expert Miami Restoration Miami, FL 786-314-7307Water damage can be devastating, but the good news is that our professionals can piece your life back together. Once the water is completely removed, the damage still remains. Don’t worry, because our water restoration experts will get to work at once and fix the damage done. We’ll treat your property as if it were our own and handle your possessions – everything from expensive furniture to drapery down to your child’s artwork – with care. If the damage is too severe, some parts of your property may need to be rebuilt, while some materials like drywall and carpet might require replacement. We also work towards minimizing corrosion on affected metallic components and machinery, and restoring the damage done to your property’s structure.

Losses are sometimes inevitable, but when effective water damage restoration services in Miami, FL area are available, they can certainly be restricted to a bare minimum. When you call us on 786-314-7307; we’ll be with you from drying to restoration to clean-up and take your property from its ‘wrecked’ state to ‘normal’.