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Disasters can strike in any form or magnitude, wreaking havoc and throwing normality out of balance. Floods, storms, cold spells, forest fires, tsunamis - the Nature that sustains life can also don an annihilative role. Leaky faucets, burst pipes, fire damage, flooding, moisture entrapped in walls – there’s a lot that can go wrong, bringing about potentially destructive issues ranging from extensive structural damage,  electrical hazards to mold formation. The greater the delay in remediation, the worse the outcome and extent of damage! That’s where Expert Miami Restoration comes in with its rapid response and timely intervention! Serving the Miami, FL and surrounding area for over two decades, we’re the trusted name for repair and restoration services.

We know that no matter what the cause, the key to effective restoration lies in fast remediation. With time, water or fire damage only tends to worsen and brings about irreparable destruction – and we, at Expert Miami Restoration, understand that and operate out of Miami, FL area on a 24-hour basis. We respond rapidly and bring our decades of experience in the industry to the fore, providing immediate mitigation and restoring your floors, walls and valuable property to its pre-loss condition.


24/7 services:

Day or night, snow or rain, anytime you need us, all you need to do is call us on 786-314-7307 and our restoration specialists will be at your doorstep, lending their expertise and setting your life back on track.

Emergency restoration:

When disaster strikes, it does so mercilessly, with sheer disregard for life and property. Following such events, you can count on Expert Miami Restoration to be by your side and piece your home together again.

Trained professionals:

Our specialists arrive with decades of field experience, armed with in-depth knowledge of effective moisture removal, drying, smoke or soot removal, and other damage mitigation methods.

The ‘trust’ badge:

We’ve always been there to provide the guidance and the personalized care that everyone needs during a crisis, thus making us the trusted water and fire damage restoration service.

The industry-leading expert:

Our advanced water damage remediation techniques, elimination of biohazards caused due to fire outbreaks, state-of-the-art equipment, and unmatched experience, make us an industry-leader.

Insurance claims:

Recovering from water or fire damage is stressful enough. Add to that, settling insurance claims can be a harrowing experience. We make the process a lot more easy and burden-free on you.


  • Expert Miami Restoration Miami, FL 786-314-7307Detecting leaks and source of water damage
  • Water damage control
  • Deploying water mitigation techniques
  • Fire damage repairs and restoration
  • Fixing faulty plumbing
  • Flood damage remediation
  • Drying and dehumidification
  • Mold and mildew elimination
  • Structure remodeling and reconstruction
  • Removal of smoke and soot buildup

From damaged furnishing to moisture removal from wooden floorings, we come equipped with enriched experience and own cutting-edge tools and equipment that enable us to rewind the clock and restore your property to a condition where it seems like it never even happened. When you call us in, trust us to be with you every step of the way, to bring back normalcy, preserve your prized possessions, and restore your property. Right from damage assessment to the point where the last piece of furniture is put back in place, expect fast, efficient and seamless execution from start to finish – and that’s a promise we, at Expert Miami Restoration, make.

While nothing can halt a disaster from happening, mitigation is the first step to stemming losses and restoration is the next step to setting your life back on track. Be it a residential or commercial property, count on the leading fire and water damage restoration services in Miami, FL area and get the assistance you need 24/7.

Is your property adversely affected by detrimental weather conditions? Are you on the receiving end of fire damage due to an electric appliance malfunction? Don’t know what to do? Every minute counts; the further you delay, the greater the damage. Reach out to us now on 786-314-7307!

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