Expert Miami Restoration - Reconstruction And Remodeling


Time is your property’s biggest enemy. No matter how well-built your home or office is; time can turn anything to dust. Apart from the deterioration experienced over the years, hurricanes, fires, storms, flooding and other factors can also inflict extensive damage on your property, ruining its curb appeal and transforming it for the worse. However, you don’t have to leave it that way, not with Expert Miami Restoration by your side. While your might think that getting your house back in shape is a lengthy, expensive and trying process; when you call us on 786-314-7307, we make it easier than you think and leave your property better than ever.

Reconstruction and repairs:

Expert Miami Restoration Miami, FL 786-314-7307Your carpets might need to be replaced after mold formation or your exquisitely painted walls might’ve been charred following a fire outbreak. No matter the cause, we have the solution. Our construction experts can rebuild your property and restore it to its pre-damage condition. Depending on the extent of damage done, it might warrant a full-fledged reconstruction involving demolishing an entire section or wing and rebuilding it from the ground up. Our crew includes highly trained experts and contractors skilled in roofing, framing, flooring, interior and exterior modeling, plumbing, hardware installation and more.

Right from replacing ceiling panels to flooring to redecorating your interiors, we provide comprehensive services in Miami, FL area that will reconstruct your property and your life, one step at a time, so that it looks like it ‘never even happened’.

Get the desired look with remodeling

Perhaps, you live in a home that appears out of sync with modern trends and are vying for a more contemporary look or maybe it’s high time you set things in order and give your property a revamp. Remodeling your home can give your property the makeover it needs and add to its overall value. However, sometimes what we envision rarely translates into reality and the results are often far off the mark. Good news is; Expert Miami Restoration won’t let that happen! When you hire us for remodeling, we can alter the look of your property, keeping it fresh, relevant and in line with your requirements. From adding a new room to remodeling the kitchen; you name it; we do it – and exactly the way you want it!

We’re very systematic and methodical in our approach and perfectionists when it comes to implementation. From consultation to completion, our procedural workflow ensures superior results. Here’s a look at how we work to bring your dream project to life:

Step 1: Requirement assessment

The first step is the most vital one, as it allows us to gain an insight into what exactly your requirements are. We listen in carefully to gain a measure of the task at hand and only then do we proceed with the planning.

Step 2: Planning and design

You might need a bathroom remodel but might not exactly know how you want it to look like. We can help you there! Once we know your requirements, we conceptualize the proposed plan on paper to make sure you’re perfectly happy with it before proceeding.

Step 3: Estimates

Our experts will provide accurate estimates needed to bring the proposed plan to life. We ensure transparency in everything we do and there are no added charges or hidden fees levied towards the end of the remodeling procedure.

Step 4: Remodeling

Watch our expert artisans work their magic and take your dream project from being a vision into a reality.

Enhance the look of your home or business premises in Miami, FL area by tapping into the reconstruction and remodeling expertise of our professionals. To discuss your project requirement, reach out to us on 786-314-7307!